The old Chinese laying game Tangram is probably the best known of the games presented here. There is an abundance of figures representing people, animals and objects, but this website is limited to geometric figures.

The big triangles consist of 16, the middle triangle, the square and the parallelogram consist of 8, and the small triangles consist of 4 rectangular triangles each. In total the game pieces consist of 64 triangles, often half or the whole area of the small tangram triangles is used as the basic unit.

For the creation of a solution program, however, the finer division used here is most favorable.

convex tangrams

Example for a non-convex tangram figure

A geometric figure is called convex if, with two arbitrary points A and B of the figure, the entire connecting line of A and B also belongs to the figure.

Für das Tangram-Puzzle gibt es nur 13 konvexe Figuren (Beweis: Fu Traing Wang und Chuan-Chih Hsiung 1942)

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