Polyabolos are composed of isosceles-right-angled triangles. The triangles touch each other either at their hypothenuses or at their cathets (i.e. not hypothenuses at cathets).

There are 3 diabolos, 4 triabolos, 14 tetrabolos, 30 pentabolos and 107 hexabolos. With 14 tiles the Tetrabolos are the best basis for a laying game. Martin Gardner introduced the Tetrabolos in his book “Mathematic Magic Show”.

Where do you get tetrabolos?

Tetrabolo puzzle from the 3D printer
Template for handicrafts from the download area

Tetrabolos are not for sale, so you have to make them yourself. In the download area you can download templates for cardboard tetrabolos and 3D printing templates for owners of 3D printers.

Playing with Tetrabolos

Unfortunately, there are not very many symmetrical figures that consist of all 14 pieces. And I haven’t found any pieces with more than one symmetry yet. For pieces that consist of less than 14 pieces, there are many fully symmetric shapes.

On this website you will find